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Decorating Your First Home as a Couple: Budget-Friendly Tips

Guest Article by Natalie Jones

So you’ve decided to move in with your significant other. Congratulations on taking things to the next level! Getting your first home together as a couple is a monumental moment in your relationship.

Once you’ve found the perfect place, one of the most exciting steps is decorating your new space so it feels like home to both of you. To avoid any financial worries, you’ll want to make sure your home decor stays under your budget. And to avoid too many disagreements, you’ll want to make an effort to compromise.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways couples can save money and stress while decorating a new home together. Here are some practical steps you can follow:

Cleaning Your New Home

Before you start moving any belongings into your new home, you’ll want to give it a good scrubbing. Since it’s easier to clean without all your furniture and boxes in the way, you should,  ideally, clean your home before your move-in day. You typically won’t have to splurge on cleaning products. You can freshen up your rooms using many of the same cleaning products you already own or save money with natural cleaning solutions like vinegar, baking soda, olive oil, and even lemon juice.

If you’re having trouble finding time to clean your new home while also packing up your belongings and planning for moving day, don’t fret. Another option is to hire professional cleaners. Hiring a cleaning service is relatively affordable, averaging around $180 in the Fredericksburg area, a small price for the extra free time and peace of mind you’ll have from leaving the cleaning to the pros.

Choosing Affordable, Stylish Decor

Now that cleaning’s out of the way, here comes the fun part: decorating your home. Make your space really feel like it’s yours by choosing home decor that you both love. It’s always best for each person to bring some of their favorite home items, such as furniture, decorations, bedding, or electronics. If you realize there are still some items you need to purchase for your new home, try to agree upon some budget-friendly items that you both like.

Of course, it’s rare for two partners to have the same taste in home decor. One of you might prefer vintage while the other might have more modern tastes. You might prefer stylish trends while your partner might prefer functionality over appearance. Whatever the case may be, a good compromise is to “switch off getting your way,” according to Apartment Therapy.

For instance, you might take turns choosing the larger pieces that will appear in your home. This strategy gives your home decor some depth by blending different styles, while also making you both feel equally involved in the decorating process.

Finding Cost-Saving Deals

Although you’ve budgeted for home decor, it’s always great to save extra money wherever you can. Before purchasing anything, see what sales or discounts you can find. Stores like Macy’s often have stellar home decor deals. By shopping online, you can find coupons for special promotions or other savings. What a great way to get more bang for your buck!

You could also use an interior design service like Modsy to decorate your rooms while scoring discounts on products you love. These services are cheaper than a professional designer, starting at $89, and some of them let you preview how products might look in a room before you purchase anything. If all else fails, your local Ikea store can even provide room inspiration along with furniture and decor for any budget.

Here’s to this next phase in your relationship! By following the steps listed above, you’ll be on your way to creating a home where you both feel happy and comfortable. Best of all, you’ll design a beautiful, functional home that’s under your budget. Without the financial stress on your shoulders, it’ll be easier to settle into your first home. That way, you can focus on enjoying living together.

Natalie Jones